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Hand Tied Extensions
By Consultation

Whether you are looking for a dramatic change in length, or just to add a little more fullness or maybe some dimension, you can rest assured that hand tied extensions are the most gentle and natural looking extensions out there. Please see Extensions Tab for more information.


This is for guests, looking for that low maintenance color or that sun kiss look. (Also known as a lived-in look). This look is a root dimensional color with a pop of blonde or lightness to the ends of the hair, offering a seamless and effortless grow out. Gray coverage or new growth color can be added for an additional charge. This color lasts 3-6 months looking for a touch up.

All over color

The service is great for guests wanting to keep their current color but need to freshen/brighten or darken those ends that lighten up by the sun. This is not a dimensional service, and no lightener is used. This is great for someone trying color for the first time with no upkeep maintenance.

New Growth

This is for guests who have been covering those grays. Are those grays sneaky back in! This service is to touch up on the new growth, growing in! (Considered a touch up with about ½”-2″ of growth) You can be combined/added to any service listed.

Full Highlight

This is for my guest who loves blondes! This adds dimension with foil work that goes all the way down to the root. Highlights are usually maintained every 6-8 weeks. You can also book this service with lowlights for even more dimension while maintaining your blonde.

Partial Highlight

For the guest that has had a full highlight in the past 6-8 weeks looking for maintenance. We will brighten the hairline, sides and top of the head from the ears up. This service can be done as lowlights as well. I recommend doing a full highlight every other time or every three visits.

Money Piece

This service is one of my personal favs. This service is awesome for guests who are wanting a pop of color around their face. (Like face framing highlights) You can make this color as simple or as bold as you want. Typically, this is done/combined with the balayage or highlights service. But for guests that like to keep it bold all the time!


Includes removing the grown-out row and reinstalling. 

Color Melt

This is for guests wanting a softer grow out. Can be done in many ways. A root tap is done the same way but only a tap at the root. Color/tap melt hair color is achieved by melting highlights with your base color for a gradual transition from dark to light strands.

Color Correction
$165 per hour, minimum 4 hours

For the guest wanting to go from blonde to deep brunette, dark brunette to blonde, or with banding or problematic color-whether done by a professional or at home with store-bought products. Please note that henna cannot be lightened out of the hair and must be grown out and cut off. A consultation will help determine if you are in need of a color correction.


Are you looking for a change or are you ready to lose those split ends? I got you. Oftentimes I tell my guest you know you need a cut when your hair lacks a style because we just need a cut. Add on a crafted cut/trim to any service.

All color services are customizable and will be discussed before booking

My role as your stylist is to focus on
your hair goals while keeping the
hair’s integrity.

All services are à la carte. Every guest has different needs, and therefore I
don’t do package prices. 90% of highlighted guests receive a toner/gloss for a
custom blend.

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