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  • Towel dry before blow drying to soak up excess water.
  • Use a wet brush to gently detangle hair.
  • Be sure to use leave-in conditioners, heat protectants, and oil daily.  (See Recommended Products list).
  • Use a blow dryer on a medium heat setting.
  • Don’t flip your head over while blow drying your wet hair. This causes too much tension on the attachment (when your hair is wet it’s heavier).   And you don’t want to rough up your hair. Blow dry your hair at a downward angle and make sure you get the top of your rows completely dry.
  • Use a thermal spray before using heat on your hair, and use an oil on the lengths of your hair to ensure the longevity of your extensions.


  • Brush hair and put in two loose braids before going to bed. This will avoid matting.
  • NEVER go to bed with wet hair.  This will ruin your extensions, causing you to have to buy new ones.
  • Use a silk pillowcase so hair can glide smoothly across the pillow while sleeping.  Or a silk sleeping cap/bonnet.


  • Brush hair thoroughly multiple times a day. With your free hand, hold the base of your rows to eliminate unnecessary tension and pulling while you brush. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BRUSH YOUR EXTENSIONS!!!
  • Brush before you get into the shower to help with tangling. While you have conditioner in your hair brush again starting at the ends working up. This will make it easier for you to brush and manage when you get out of the shower.
  • Do not brush the tops of the wefts line where the hair is sewn, this can ruin your extensions.


  • Clip your hair up row by row and make sure you wash really good at your roots to avoid product build up.
  • Focus shampooing only at your scalp, do not rub the lengths of your hair. Instead, just simply let the soapy water run through the lengths and that will be enough to eliminate any product.
  • Focus conditioning on the lengths of your hair, you do not need to put conditioner on your scalp, your scalp produces natural oils to keep itself hydrated!
  • Use only sulfate and paraben-free salon grade shampoos and conditioners. (See Recommended Products list).
  • Using a conditioning mask once a week is highly recommended to protect your extensions.  Goldie Locks Ultra Hydrating Signature Mask, Kevin Murphy Young Mask, or Kevin Murphy Hydrate Mask.


  • When wearing hair in a high ponytail slightly pull the front corners of your rows to avoid any tension in those spots.
  • Before swimming, get your hair wet in clean water (throw a bottled water in your beach bag) and apply a conditioner or a leave-in length of your hair, this will give a barrier so chlorine/salt does not soak up in your hair.  Put in a top knot or braid. Try to avoid completely submerging hair in water as this can cause discoloration to extensions and is usually irreversible.
  • After getting out of the water make sure you immediately wash your hair thoroughly, to ensure all chlorine/salt water is out of your hair. Apply a hair mask to your clean hair.  (See Recommended Products list).
  • When activities take place in damp/humid conditions such as workouts, saunas, lakes and beaches make sure you dry the wefts immediately after.
  • Do NOT attempt to color extensions on your own under any circumstances.
  • When using sunscreen make sure it does NOT include the ingredient “Avobenzone” on your shoulders, arms, and back as it could discolor your extensions giving them a brassy or peachy tone.  Almost impossible to get out. Use a mineral base sunscreen. Goldie Locks Sheer Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30.
  • Keep your hairs’ sun exposure to a minimum.  Sun exposure can strip the pigments from your extensions- exposing the original undertones, causing dryness, fizziness, and tangling.  Always use a UV protector! Goldie locks Leave in has a UV protect in it.  
  • Do not use purple shampoo on extensions. Your extensions will absorb pigment 3X faster than your natural hair. It can cause them to turn purple or even dry them out.  Kevin Murphy has great shampoo and treatment that won’t turn them purple or dry them out.  Kevin Murphy Blonde.Angel Wash and Blonde.Angel Treatment.
  • Do not exceed 340 when using hot tools.  Always use a heat protectant.
  • Kevin Murphy Heated Defense or Ever Smooth.