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Invisible Bead Extensions

The Invisible Bead Extensions method, allows me to use hand-tied extensions; strategically placed horseshoe following the round of the head. This results in a natural flow that is undetectable + easy to wear in a pony-tail.

Hand-tied extensions are the perfect enhancement to your hair + will provide you with the fullness + length you’ve been dreaming of.

IBE + Hand Tied Extensions = Flat, Flexible, and Comfortable. All wefts of hair are custom colored to you personally to ensure a seamless blend with your natural hair.

What is IBE?

Short for Invisible Bead Extensions. Invisible Bead Extension is an extension method, in which hand-tied hair is sewn onto a flexible and hidden attachment in a horseshoe shape around the head creating a row. Each row has 5-20 points of contact, causing the least opportunity for damage to your natural hair and scalp. This method requires no glue, no tape, no bonds, no braid or adhesives of any kind. 

Why Invisible Bead Extensions?

IBE was created to solve the common problems seen in many other hand tied extension methods. Lack of flexibility, limited styling options, and damage from tension and over direction are just a few of the problems IBE solves. Invisible Bead Extension has a unique attachment and stitching pattern that allows for maximum comfort, flexibly, and most importantly health of the hair & scalp.  The health of the hair and scalp is top priority with IBE; there is no tension, over direction, or discomfort created by this extension method. As an added bonus, they are extremely versatile when it comes to styling options because there are no exposed beads, bonds, or braids.

What are hand-tied extensions?

Hand tied extensions are a type of extension used by a sewn-in method. They are slim, lightweight wefts that are sewn onto a row of beads attached to the natural hair. This is the best extension technique for creating luxurious volume, length and body while preventing damage to the natural hair.

Once hand tied extensions are installed, they look and feel completely natural. They can be colored, washed, curled, and up styled just like natural hair. Many stylists and clients prefer hand tied extensions due to their comfort, flexibility, and seamless natural finish.

IBE Removal?

Easy! IBE removal only takes about 10 minutes because it is adhesive free. NO tape, NO chemical and NO bond. +Braid and tension FREE.

How often do I have to move-up my extensions?

Expect a routine visit every 6-10 weeks.  The extensions will be removed and freshly installed each time.  Maintenance appointments can be paired with color appointments as well (color is not included in maintenance fee & is priced separately)

Do they hurt?
No, most clients say they feel nothing from day one until the time they come back in for maintenance!

How long do hand tied extensions last?

Hand tied extensions are a lower-maintenance option— perfect for people with BUSY, active lifestyles! The longevity of the installation depends on how fast the hair grows out. Generally, hand tied extensions need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks.  The actual hair extensions last for 6-12 months with proper care. High-quality, 100% real human hair extensions are recommended for best results. Make sure to trim the extensions around the 6-month mark to remove any damaged ends.

Will my extensions blend in with my current hair?

Yes! I will create a custom color blend that will match your hair, then cut craft layers and face framing to blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.

Can I wear my hair up?

Absolutely! This method is perfect for anyone who wears their hair up often. You can comfortably and discreetly wear a high pony/bun, half up styles, braids, pigtails, etc. due to the flexibility.  Invisible Bead Extensions is the safest method due to the flexible attachment and application to your hair which helps keep your hair in a natural fall. Other beaded methods over direct your hair pulling it to one side causing pinkness and creating tension spots on your scalp. The method used to place IBE keeps your hair in the same direction it naturally grows giving you maximum scalp comfort throughout your wear.